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A native Android app that will help you Get Things Done anywhere, anytime, Offline or Online.

So, what you can do?

  • Speak! Typing is overrated. Dictate your actions, projects, etc. into IQTELL.
  • Manage your GTD® Lists – Next Actions, Inbox, Actions, Projects, Someday, Ticklers.
  • Set Contexts – View Actions by Context (Home, Office, etc.), Time Needed, Priority, and more.
  • Do Weekly Reviews - Get your Weekly Review done on your Android device - set completed actions, shift priorities, change contexts and details.
  • Search your lists
  • View your favorite Saved Searches
  • Forward any Emails to create Actions, Projects, and more. Learn More.
  • Sync your Calendar to your Android device. Learn how.

Want More? Check out these Cool Features!

  • Clean and slick Design.
  • 100% offline operation.
  • Batch operations, e.g., Complete, set Due Date, Star, and more.
  • Native Push Reminders, including “Snooze” functionality.
  • Direct-dial contacts related to actions, projects, etc.
  • Automatic Syncing between IQTELL’s Android app and the web app.
  • Fully customizable behavior on your Android device.
  • Set the folders / apps you want to see on your Android App, e.g., Actions, Next Actions, Projects, etc.
  • Decide what information you'd like to see while in List View and Full View, e.g., Due Date, Context, Time Needed, etc.
  • Set your desired Batch Operations.

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