Weekly Review - Best Practices

The Weekly Review is critical for success. Ideally, it should be done once per week. When doing your review:

  1. Process your Inbox and any outstanding material.
  2. Clear your mind - enter any new actions, projects, ticklers, etc.
  3. Review your Calendar and upcoming events (1 week back and 1 week forward is a good reference period).
  4. Review your lists and ensure they are current:
    • Evaluate your projects and make sure each Project has at least one Next Action, and that it is something you actually want or need to do. If not, it may belong in your Tickler or Someday folder.
    • Review your Someday and Tickler lists for items that should be moved to Actions and/or Projects. If you create a new Project, be sure to decide on the Next Action.
    • Tip When reviewing your lists, such as Actions, you can view completed items - Click the More icon (3 horizontal bars), and select Show Completed.
      Bonus tip Sort by Date Updated to see the most recently completed items.

Check out a video of our best practices for doing David Allen's Weekly Review with IQTELL.

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