To Do Lists - Checklists

To-do and checklists

To Do Lists are there for you to jot down some quick items to get done or remember on any given day.
Use the list to also create checklists, for Groceries, or Travel for example.

​Action vs. To Do list item

​​The main difference is simplicity. A to do item is a simplified version of an Action (task). That's it.

​If you quickly have a thought while working, or remember that you need to do something or pick up something later, you can open your To do list and add it there, without being forced to think about the other values that an Action can have, such as Context, Priority, etc.

A To do list can also be used as a checklist, e.g., create a "Travel" checklist with whatever items you typically need to take care of when preparing for a trip. Heard you're traveling to Brazil? No problem, copy the "Travel" checklist to a new list and name it "Mondial 2014". All the to do items from the "Travel" list will be copied over and you'll be ready to go.

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