How can I configure sub-projects in IQTELL?

It's easy to add sub-projects:

  1. Right-click on your Projects folder, select New Sub-folder, and name this sub-folder "Sub-projects".
  2. Right-click on your Projects folder again, select Folder Configuration, and click Folder Attributes.
  3. Switch to the Folder Panels tab.
  4. From the left column, select "Projects/Sub-projects" and click the blue arrow in the center.
  5. Enable (check) CCNE. This will let you create new sub-projects directly from the parent project.
  6. You can also enable Show In Outline View. This will give you the ability to see an outline of all your projects, sub-projects, actions and sub-tasks in one view.
  7. Save and close the Folder Attributes.

Now you can create sub-projects directly from parent projects.


You can also link sub-projects to existing parent projects. In addition, to link an existing project to another project, simply drag or Move the new sub-project into the Sub-Project folder and link it to an appropriate parent project.


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