Sharing & Collaboration

Share Actions, Projects and practically any entries in your IQTell Workspace with family members, work colleagues and friends. As a group, you can now share information and collaborate to Get Things Done®

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Note: Related to this functionality, there are two(2) User Preferences:

  1. "Use AutoShare", default value: "true"
  2. "Shared Items -- AutoNotify me on Status change", default value: "false"
    These user preferences are described further below.
  3. When a folder, e.g., Actions, is open is List View, you can click the "Share" icon in that row.
  4. You can also select multiple items, e.g., Actions and then select "Share" from the "More" dropdown menu.

    Note: To see the "Sharing" icon next to each item while in List View, please make sure that the Sharing Indication column is indeed visible:

    Who are the possible recipients of sharing?
    You can share items from your workspace with anyone, as long as you have their email address.

Existing IQTell users: They will automatically see the items you shared with them in the corresponding folder, e.g., Actions, Projects in their own workspace. They'll also receive an email notification, so they know something new has been shared with them, e.g., an Action delegated to them.

Non-IQTell users: They will receive an email notification with the description of the item that you intend to share with them, in which email, they'll also see a link that will easily allow them to create their own IQTell account and try things out.

Sharing related user preference
See explanations below

Auto Sharing
When you populate fields such a “Delegate To” and “Assigned”, IQTell can automatically share the corresponding item, e.g., an Action or a Project with them. This Auto Sharing depends on the Use AutoShare user setting. When this setting is checked, then, when you wish to designate an Action, a Subtask or a Project to someone on your team to work on it, just enter their name in the “Delegated To” field, etc. and “Save” – this item will automatically be shared with them.

Auto Notification
Members of a shared item, e.g., a Project, can automatically receive email notifications when there is any status change, e.g., a Projects or an Action is completed or reopened.

In your IQTell preferences there’s the Shared Items – AutoNotify me on status changes. So, it is you that can determine whether you will be receiving these automated status-change notifications. This will be in effect whether you are the “Owner” of a Project, i.e., that you shared a Project with others, or being the “Recipient”, i.e., that items were shared with you. This setting will apply for both.

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