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What are “Areas”?
How can I manage Areas in IQTELL?
I can't find the "Areas" field?
How can I add Areas?
How can I reposition the “Areas” field to the Main tab on the Web?
How can I add Watch List and EZ View for a new Area that I created?
Can I see “Areas” on my mobile device?

What are “Areas”?

This concept was defined by David Allen as part of the Getting Things Done® methodology. Everyone, in their day-to-day life, has certain “Areas” which they have to manage and maintain. For example, I may have personal, work, and possibly community responsibilities. Followers of the GTD® method find it useful to mark their various projects and actions/tasks within a particular “Area”.

From a practical perspective, you can use the concept of Areas to quickly view and review all projects and actions. This will help ensure that your different Areas are being managed properly. You will be able to quickly identify Areas which may be lagging and require more attention.

How can I manage Areas in IQTELL?

Most people have at least two Areas: Work and Personal. In your IQTELL web account, when viewing your Actions and Projects in list view, you will note the Areas Column. You can easily update the “Areas” for the list view.

On your Dashboard – Watch List and also across the top of your Workspace (what we call the EZ View), you can quickly filter your actions and projects based on Area, in this case Personal or Work.


I can't find the "Areas" field?

  1. Open any action in Full View.
  2. Click the Gear icon.
  3. Check the box next to the field "Areas"


  • If you'd like to add Areas as a column heading in the Actions List View, click the gear icon in list view and select Areas as a column heading.
  • If Areas is not visible in the Action Full View, it will not be offered as an option for setting the column heading.

How can I add Areas?

Open any action, and open the Areas field. The Areas field is located in the More Info Tab, under Extras.
You can select either “Add New” or “Edit Existing Values”:


How can I reposition the “Areas” field to the Main tab on the Web?

  1. Right Click on Actions in Left Panel – Folder Configuration – Form Editor
  2. Click the “More Info” tab, and ensure “Extras section” is open.
  3. Click the “-” on the right of the Areas field.
  4. Click the “Main” tab.
  5. Click “Selection” on the left panel.
  6. Select “Areas”, and drag & drop it to the desired position in the “Main Tab”
  7. Save

    How can I add Watch List and EZ View for a new Area that I created?

    Let’s assume that you've added “Community” to your Areas List.

Step 1 – Create Your Search

  1. Open Saved Searches
  2. Click on New.
  3. Name it, e.g., “Community”.
  4. Search In, select “Actions” (You may want to check the box – Include Sub-folders, if you use Subfolders”)
  5. From the available fields (on the left), drag Areas to the Search criteria (on bottom)
  6. Select “Community”
  7. Save

Step 2 – Add it to your Watch List

  1. On the Dashboard – Watch List Panel – click the gear icon
  2. Drag “Community” from left to Right
  3. Save

Tip If you’d like the search to fetch projects as well, Create the exact search described above, however, in step 5 – select Projects.

Can I see “Areas” on my mobile device?

Sure! To see the field – “Areas”, you can add them on the fly or have them visible by default.

On the fly

  1. When viewing any entry (e.g., Action or Project), click the “…”; Add/Remove Fields, and select Areas.

By Default

  1. On the Web, right click on Actions in Left Panel – Folder Configuration – Mobile Configuration – Fields in Modify View tab.
  2. Drag Areas for left to Right and position it in the desired order.
  3. Save.

Watch List

  1. In the web app, click Settings / My Account / Main on Mobile Tab
  2. Drag from the left to the right those items you’d like to see, e.g., Watch List: Work, Watch List: Personal, etc.
  3. Save

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