Import your Actions & Tasks into IQTell

Tip "Actions" and "Tasks" are synonymous. In IQTell we use "Actions", following GTD terminology, but once again, these two terms mean the same.

To import tasks from your previous productivity tool, please follow these steps:

  1. Export Tasks from your previous productivity application.
  2. Merge Data
  3. Import To IQTELL


  • In order to import your tasks to IQTELL, you must first export your tasks from the other application. From your previous task management system, export your Actions as a CSV (comma separated value) file and download this to your computer.


  1. Right click on your Actions folder and select Export Field Names. A file called folderfields.csv will be downloaded to your computer. actions-export-field-names
  2. Open both folderfields.csv and the .csv file you exported in the previous step.
  3. Column by column, match the field name from folderfields.csv to your Actions file. The order of the columns does not matter. If there are fields that are not available in folderfields.csv, you can add these fields with IQTELL’s Form Editor.
    1. Add Missing Fields
      1. Right-click on your Actions folder, select Folder Configuration, and then click on Form Editor. actions-open-form-editor
      2. Add any fields from the left column that you need using the Form Editor. actions-form-editor
      3. When you are finished adding the appropriate fields, make sure to change the field names in your Actions .csv file to match.
    2. Important! For any date / time fields, select all of the respective cells, right-click and select Format Cells. Select Custom and paste “m/d/yyyy h:mm AM/PM” into Type.
      1. If you are using the European date format, paste “d/m/yyyy h:mm AM/PM” instead.
      2. If you are using the 24-hour format (military time), use “d/m/yyyy h:mm”
      3. Tip You may need to replace "yyyy" with "rrrr" depending on your locale.
    3. Click Ok and Save your actions file. When the following prompt appears, click Yes. excel
    1. In your Workspace, right-click on your Actions folder and select Import. actions-import
    2. Click Browse and select the file you just saved, and then click OK to import your tasks! actions-import-browse
    Note These field types are not supported by the import: Reference, Multi-Reference, Email Multi-Value Reference, Status, File Attachment, URL, Multi-Email and the Project field.

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