Exporting Data from IQTell

Export Fields

First, make sure that the "Export Fields" are indeed defined for the given folder where you'd like to do the export.
To get there, right-click on the given folder, e.g., "Actions" on the Left Panel --> "Folder Configuration" --> "Folder Attributes" and then select the "Export Fields" tab. The right side will include all the fields to be exported for the given folder. Press Save when done.

Export - Folder Content

  • You can export your data from any IQTell folder.
  • As for Email, Calendars and Evernote, your data is preserved with the native service provider.
  • To start exporting data, right-click on the folder from the Left Panel, e.g., Actions, and select Export --> Export Folder Content.
  • As shown in the following screenshot, there are additional export options.
    tip When choosing "Export - Folder Content" from the right-click on a folder, e.g., the Actions folder, all data will be exported regardless of any filter that may have recently used when this folder was in List View.
    A *.csv (Comma Separated Values) file will be created, containing all items in the given folder, e.g., the Actions folder. This file can be opened with Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program.

    The Export Menu from the List View

    The following menu is available from the "More" drop down menu when viewing any folder in List View:

  • You can define which fields will be included in the export.
  • You can export just the Field Names, e.g., the exported field names for the Actions folder.
  • Choose Folder Content to export all data in the folder (subject to the current filter, if any).
  • You can also export Selected Items, which will be the items you checked while in List View.
    tip When using the "Export - Folder Content" from the "More" menu while in List View, such an export will be subject to the currently selected filter, e.g., "Past Due"

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