Configure Link To Existing For Other Folders

Recipient folders need to have a pre-configured panel. All such folder/sub-folders will show as a possible destination when you select “Browse” off the Link To Existing menu or use the link to existing shortcut, "L".

Let's setup folder panels to allow linking Waiting For items to an existing Project:

  1. Right-click on the recipient folder, in this case "Projects", select Folder ConfigurationFolder Attributes.
  2. Select the Folder Panels tab.
  3. From the list on the left, choose the Waiting For folder and click the arrow in the center to set it as enabled.

Tip Enable CCNE to be able to create new child items in a given folder panel.
Tip Enable Show In Outline View to see the linked items in list view.

Now, when you open a Project in modify view, you'll see the Waiting For tab. If you go to link a Waiting For to an existing item, Projects will now appear in the Link to Existing menu.

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