Evernote to IQTell Conversion


Evernote to IQTell conversion, or EN2IQ for short, enables the automatic creation of Actions (Tasks), Projects and more in your IQTELL workspace based on selected notes in your Evernote (EN) account.

Would you like to first start with a quick EN2IQ tutorial video? Not now? Please read on ;-)

  • Creating Subtasks and Subprojects (using check-boxes in Evernote)

    So, how does it work?
    While you're in your native EN account, all you have to do is to apply tags such as "Action" and "Project" to trigger the automatic creation of Actions, Projects, etc. based on notes that you tag.
    So now, wherever you're using the native EN desktop or mobile EN app, you can tag notes as needed. Then, when ready to perform task and project management operations simply go to your IQ workspace and these items will be there, ready to be processed, e.g., Next Actions, Context, Due Date - all the way to closure.

    While in your Evernote account, creating a new note, make sure you apply the desired tag, e.g., Action, as the last step, after the new note is saved That is:

  • Enter whatever you need into the body of the note
  • Set the desired field values, if any (see further on this subject below)
  • Insert whichever check-boxes you need
  • Make sure the new note is saved!
  • Only now, add the desired tag.

    Setup & EN2IQ configuration

    Which tags to use? While some configuration may already be there, ready to use, you can customize EN2IQ to work exactly as you need it to. The only configuration pertinent for this feature is defining which tags should be used to create which items in your IQ workspace. Namely, in which folder or sub-folder these items should be created, e.g., "Actions", any sub-folder thereof, "Projects", "Tickler", etc.

    1. From "My Workspace" main drop-down menu at the top-right corner, select Evernote.
    2. From the left, choose a Folder for items to be created in and click the blue arrow to add it.
      Then, click inside the cell to the right of the folder and enter the tag that you will use in EN to indicate that a note should create an item in the corresponding folder.
      Tip Create a new tag by typing in the "Using Tag" field and pressing Enter.
      Be sure to click Save when finished configuring your EN2IQ Auto-conversion settings.

Example. Say you wanted to use "Someday" tag to create entries in your IQTell "Someday" folder

  1. ​On the left side click on "Someday (the right-arrow now becomes enabled);
  2. Click on the right-arrow to bring the "Someday" folder over to the right side;
  3. Type "Someday" in the corresponding "Using Tag" cell and press the Enter key;
  4. Press "Save". In this case, even if "Someday" is not an existing tag, it will be created on-the-fly and also, it will be automatically synced to your Evernote account.

    Using EN2IQ

    To use EN2IQ, create a note, or choose an existing note, and apply a tag that you have configured for EN2IQ Auto-conversion.

For example, add the tag "Action" to create an Action in IQTELL. When IQTELL syncs with your Evernote account, the tag will be recognized and a new Action will be created. The Action will include the Evernote as the Originating Item as well as in the Evernote panel.

Set Field Values
You can set values for the item being created, such as Context, Due Date, Time Needed, Areas, Priority, etc. using the body of the note.
The overall format is "Field Name": "Value", and each needs to start on a new line.
Field names and selection field values are matched as “starting with…”.

For example, to set the Due Date to 5/21/2015, Context to "Errands", and Priority to "1 - High", write the following in the body of the Evernote:

Due: 5/21/15
Context: Errands
Pri: 1 _(will be interpreted as Priority = “1 – High”)_

Tip EN2IQ supports natural date parsing for Date and Date/Time fields, e.g., Due Date, Start Date, Last Reviewed, etc.
Examples: thursday, november, friday 13:00, mon 2:35, 4pm, half past 2, 6 in the morning, friday 1pm, sat 7 in the evening, today, tomorrow, next week, this tuesday, next month, this morning, tomorrow at 6:45pm

Note Any fields or field values that are not matched will be added to the first memo field of the item that you’re creating. Later, when the item is created, you can review the memo and set the intended values as needed.

If you have a reminder on an EN note that is auto-converted to an IQ item, the reminder will be created for the converted item (such as an Action or Project) in IQTELL.

Creating Subtasks and Subprojects (using check-boxes in Evernote)

Check-boxes in an EN note will be used to create children items in IQTell in the first Folder Panel that is Workflow-enabled and can create new entries.

For example, if Actions is the first Folder Panel for Projects, then creating an EN note with check-boxes, then tagging this note with "Project" - it will create a new Project in IQTell plus Actions - one for every check-box in the this note.


If you're using Sub-Projects as "children" of Projects and you want the check-boxes in Evernote to cause the creation of Sub-Projects in newly created Projects (as a result of EN2IQ), then make sure that Sub-Projects is at the top, i.e., the first Folder Panel for Projects, as in the following:


  • Only one EN2IQ-related tag will be processed. For example, if a note is tagged with "Action" and also with "Project", and both are set as EN2IQ tags, only one will be processed.

  • EN2IQ processes notes only once. When a note is processed, this note will not be re-processed. The recommended order of creating a new note is to first complete the note details (title and body, check-boxes, reminder), and then tag the note with the desired EN2IQ tag.

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