How to Create an Evernote note from Email

  1. Open any email in full view or have any email selected in List View
  2. From the Actionable menu, select Create new in...
    This shows the recent destinations used for Create new in.... In this case, showing "Evernote" as one of these, which means that previously an email was used to create an Evernote note in the "All Notes" Notebook. However, if you'd like to choose a specific Notebook, you can do that too. Here's how:
  3. Select "Browse":
  4. This will open the browse window where you can select a specific Notebook for the new note to be created in.
  5. The Subject of the email will be automatically copied and used as the title of the new note, and the email body will be used as the note itself. Add any additional details if needed then click Save to create this new Evernote note based on this email.
  6. The "Gardening" notebook is now remembered as a recent destination, so that next time you can select this notebook directly, or again, browse to choose a different notebook.

Using Drag & Drop

Select a single item (e.g. an email, action, etc.) from any List View, drag it and drop it on to the Evernote icon in the Left Navigation Panel to create the note in your default notebook.

Tip You can drop an item onto any of your notebooks to create a note in that notebook.


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