Email Gateway

Note This Email Gateway is available only to subscribed users and while still in the initial 60-day free trial period.

The Email Gateway allows you to send email from outside IQTell to create new Actions, Projects and more in your IQTell Workspace.

Viewing an email that needs action? Just forward that email to your personal Gateway Mail-to address.
Composing a new email to become an Action, a Project? etc.? Send it to your personal Gateway Mail-to address.
Replying to an email that needs to become ...? Add your personal Gateway Mail-to address on the Cc: or even the Bcc line!

Download the IQTELL Email Gateway Guide

What's your personal Gateway Mail-to address?
It is based on your PIN, shown as follows. (Feel free to change your PIN, and the displayed Gateway Mail-to address will be updated accordingly.


Fields of an Action, a Project, etc. can be set within the body of the email.
You can set any fields, such as Next Action, Context, Priority, Due Date.
To do so, specify each field on its own line. For example:
Pri: High
Context: Office
Due: Tomorrow
Tip The field names do need to be spelled out. In the above, "Pri" represents "Priority", provided you have no other fields starting with "Pri"
Tip Same goes for values, "High" will be matched with "1 - High"
Tip To set an Action as a Next Action, use "Star: 1" (followed by a new line).
Tip To set a Checkbox field, use the name of the field, e.g. "Review Later: 1" (followed by a new line).

For example, if you received an email with a PowerPoint presentation asking you to review it by Monday. You can forward your email and it will create an Action in your IQTELL Workspace. In doing so, you'll be able to specify the Context, Priority, Due Date, and of course, the attached PowerPoint file will be in your newly created action as well (the “Files” data field).

All you have to do is to compose new or forward any email to: "".

Tip From your Account Settings, you can also set your Email Gateway Default Folder.
Any email that doesn't specify a destination folder, will create a new item in the specified Default Folder E.g., Email subject "A: Buy beer" will create a new Action "Buy beer", though if your Default folder is specified as "Actions", the "A: " prefix wouldn't be required.

Note: Obviously, when you’re logged into the IQTell web app, there is no need to use the gateway since your email is integrated within your IQTell workspace anyway ;-)

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