Email Signatures

  1. Click "My Workspace" at the top-right corner and select My Account.
  2. Switch to the Email tab.
  3. Select the email account you wish to edit the signature for in Select Email Account.
  4. In the Signature text field, set your signature for outbound email. Apply rich text formatting, including Bold, Italics, Underline, Font & Size, Color, Highlighting and Links.
  5. Done! Click Save to confirm your changes.

Inserting an image

  • Open any image say, in MS Paint, then copy it from there, then paste it into the email signature in IQTell.
  • Alternatively, while in Windows Explorer drag the file over the IQTell tab in your browser and drop it into your email signature. If your browser is minimized or in the background, drag the file to the browser icon in the Windows taskbar, select IQTell, and then drop the image file in to the email signature.
  • To resize the image, drag the lower right corner of the image inside the email signature.

Note: Copying a file using Windows Explorer and then pasting it into the email signature does not work.

Inserting Email HTML Signature

Please follow the step as shown in the following image:

Email signature for our iOS and Android apps

  1. All your email signatures created by using the web app, as described above, will be used by the IQTell mobile apps.
  2. Using the IQTell iOS and the Android apps you can enter simple text message but again, if styling and images are part of your email signature, do create your email signatures using the web app.
  3. You can force a refresh on the iOS or the Android app by the 'pull-down' gesture on the 'Home' screen. It will trigger the sync of your web-created email signatures to be downloaded to your device

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