Your Email - In IQTELL


Get everything done from one place.

Your email & folders are an integral part of your Workspace.
Your messages from your email accounts will be automatically fetched for you once you connect your account(s).

Log in Once – Everything Is in One Place

Have several email accounts? Gmail? Yahoo? Hotmail? AOL? Others? Not a problem!
Add your email accounts to IQTELL, and IQTELL will automatically pull all your email from these accounts for you and place them in your Email folders in your Workspace. Stop wasting valuable time logging in to each account separately. You no longer need to forward your messages to one central account.

Create Related Entries from Individual Emails

Instantly link and create Follow-up entries from within anywhere in your Workspace. For example, when you receive an email that requires you to take action (make a phone call, go to a store, or create a to-do item), you can quickly create an Action or an Evernote directly from that email.
Any such newly created entry maintains the information as to which entry in the Workspace was the “Originating Entry”, so you can easily tell “what caused what”.

Example You received an email from your favorite online store containing a coupon code. In this case, you would quickly create an action directly from that email to make sure you take advantage of the great discount before it expires. You can even use the built-in IQTELL reminders so that you don’t miss this opportunity.

Add New Contacts Directly from Your Email

Any time you send an email to or receive an email from someone who is not in your Contacts list, you'll be asked if you want to add that person as a contact. IQTELL will even ask you if you’d like to add a new email address to an existing contact when it recognizes the name.

Example You have a contact named Jessica Kaplan with an email address of If you receive an email from, IQTELL will ask if you’d like to add this new address to Jessica Kaplan’s contact information, or if you’d like to create a new contact.

Easily Stay in Touch

IQTELL makes it easier to stay in touch with friends and family with its Auto-search and Auto-complete capabilities. When composing an email within IQTELL, you can simply begin typing the name of a Contact or a Contact Group into the “To”, “Cc”, or “Bcc” portion of the email, and IQTELL will instantly show the matching entries within your Contacts and Contact Groups.

In addition to contact name and email, Auto-complete also searches for additional information, such as company name. Thus, for example, if you are about to compose an email to a person at “PNC Bank”, but forgot that person’s name, you can type “PNC” and IQTELL will automatically search and propose all contacts within that bank. That way, you can easily identify the person to whom you wish to send this email.

Example If you have a group named “Spring Break Trip ‘13”, just type “spring” into the “To” section and IQTELL will instantly search your contacts for the word “spring”.
With a single click, you'll be sending an email to all your contacts within this group.

Be Notified when Action Is Required

You can define reminders for items relating to your Inbox. Therefore, whether you are next to your computer or away, you will receive an email or text message letting you know that action is required.

Example Create a Reminder to reply to an email before a certain date.

Types of Email Synchronization

  • IMAP (Gmail, Yahoo!,, Aol, etc.) - Supports a full two-way sync for all of your email and folders (or Gmail Labels).
  • POP3 - Provides only a download of email from your email account. Any changes you make to your email (i.e. read, unread, starred, delete) using a POP3 account in IQTELL will not be synced back to your email account or elsewhere.
  • Exchange - Supports a full two-way sync for all of your email and folders.

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