Manage Your Contacts


Consolidate Your Address Books

Combine your contacts from your various accounts contact lists. You can sync contacts from Gmail or Exchange, as well as import contacts from other services.
You'll always have a complete and consolidated address book

Customize Your Contact Entries

In addition to the contact’s name, phone number, email address, and postal address, IQTELL allows you to save additional useful information. For instance, your relationship with them, where they work, when and where you met, their birthday, their anniversary date, their favorite sports teams, their hobbies, and even notes.

IQTELL is fully customizable. For example, you can add any information “on the fly”, such as additional phone numbers, “mail to” or “ship to” information, and much more.
You can even use your “Contacts” folder in your Workspace to keep track of your contacts’ relevant family members, like their spouse and children, so you are never embarrassed by forgetting this important information.

  • Use your Contacts folder to keep track of coworkers, your neighborhood friends, parents of your children’s classmates, and hobby colleagues.
  • Set Reminders to notify you when birthdays and anniversaries of certain contacts are approaching.

Group Your Contacts

Create as many Contact Groups as you need. IQTELL makes it easy for you to define new contact groups and select the contacts to be included in those, as well as select contacts to be added to any of your existing groups. And at any time, you can view all the members of any single contact group.
Sending an Email to every member of a contact group is easy. Simply type the name of the given group into the “To”, “Cc”, or “Bcc” portion of the email. You can also define a Task involving any individual contact or group by simply linking them to the task.

  • Create contact groups for any part of your life, such as “Immediate Family Members”, “My Close Coworkers”, “My Best College Friends”, “My Soccer Team”, and the “Caribbean Cruise 2010”.
  • Send an email to all the contacts in the “Parents of Barbara’s Schoolmates” contact group inviting them to Barbara’s upcoming birthday. Simply type “Parents” in the “To” portion of the email, and the Auto-compete will propose this group. That way, the given email will be sent individually to each of these parents.

Easily Create Contacts

Creating new contacts is simple. Enter as little information as you’d like when you first create a new contact, and add more information over time as it becomes available.
Also, it’s simple to add a new contact after receiving an Email. IQTELL will automatically copy all the relevant information from new emails for you, such as the sender’s first name, last name, and their email address.

Contacts, Relevant Information, and Actions

Contacts, related information, and actions are “connected”. Using IQTELL, you can link together all relevant information throughout your Workspace. For example, see all emails, tasks, and documents related to Jim Parker.

  • Create Notes relevant to discussions you had with your real estate broker, Mary White. Using IQTELL, you can easily see all the entries “related” to Mary White. The notes you’ve entered for all the important conversations you had with Marry, and all the emails and documents she has sent you are just a click away.
  • Looking for the lease you signed with Ronald Smith? All you need to do is to right-click on his contact entry and select “View Contact Related Entries”. A new tab titled “Ronald Smith: Documents” will open, allowing you view all of his related documents, highlighting the lease you were looking for.