Virtual Calendars (VCs) - Overview

Have you asked yourself whether you can automatically view Due Dates on your calendars in IQTell?
More so, view Start Date of Projects, Follow-up Dates of Tickler items and more on your calendar?

Yes! This is exactly what the IQTell Virtual Calendars (VCs) are for!

  • Virtual calendars are shown as additional calendar layers in your IQTell calendar, e.g., Actions, Projects.
  • You can enable or disable any of these VCs, same as you do with any of the existing calendars. Same goes for changing the color used by each VC (same as with any other calendars). calendar-legend-showing-vcs

    See additional images below

    See also: Viewing and Managing Virtual Calendars

    Here's the List of all the IQTell Virtual Calendars (VCs):

    1. Actions: Showing Start Date and Due Date.
    2. Projects: Showing Start Date and Due Date.
    3. Waiting For: Showing Due Date.
    4. Tickler: Showing Follow-up Date.

Tip To view any of the above, make sure the corresponding folders are indeed visible on the LNP (left navigation panel).


  1. Due Date that is a Date only (no Time component) field will be shown as all-day events. Same applies for Start Date and Follow-up Date. If any of these are Date-and-Time fields, they'll be shown as date/time events on the virtual calendars
  2. Enabling / disabling of any VC on the calendar legend will show / hide the corresponding VC events.
  3. VC events will be shown for items of the corresponding top-folder as well as any of its sub-folders.
  4. Clicking on any Virtual Event will open the corresponding item, e.g., Action or Project in “Full View”.
  5. Drag and Drop: You can drag these VC events to a different date, as desired. This will change the corresponding Action, Project, etc. E.g., if you dragged-and-dropped the Due Date virtual event of Action “Call the association”, the Due Date of that Action will be changed accordingly.
  6. Move: Right-click on any of these Virtual Events will enable you to change the date of the corresponding item using the ‘mini’ calendar widget, e.g., changing the Due Date of a Waiting For.
  7. The VCs will only be shown while in IQTell.
  8. VCs is a feature available only for subscribed users and while still in the 60-day free trial.


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