Viewing and Managing Virtual Calendars (VCs)

How to view Virtual Calendar (VC) events?

  1. As stated above, this feature is available only for subscribed users and users within their initial 60-day free trial.
  2. When opening the calendar, on the calendar legend, you should see the VCs such as ".Actions, ".Projects", etc. , similar to any other calendars.
  3. On the calendar itself, e.g., Weekly, Monthly; or Daily view, you'll see VC events for every Action, Project, etc. for which the Due Date, Start Date that falls into the given month, week, or day that is currently shown.
  4. If for the given month, week, or day period there are not such Due Dates or Start Dates, no VC events for that period will be shown.
  5. For Tickler, in the case you have that folder visible on the LNP (left navigation panel), the VC events will correspond to "Follow-up Date' of Tickler items.
  6. And, of course, make sure that on the calendar legend the VCs are enabled, i.e., shown as solid colors.
  7. In addition, confirm that "Due Date" is indeed a field used for "Actions", "Projects" and "Waiting For" (no any other field name will be shown as a VC event), same goes for the "Follow-up" field for the "Tickler" folder.

Tip See also Virtual Calendars - Overview


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