• Consolidate & Manage all your Calendars in One Place along with your Actions, Projects, Notes, and much more!
  • Add as many calendars as you'd like, we currently support Google, Exchange, Office 365, Yahoo, iCloud and any standard CalDAV supporting calendars, e.g., Zimbra.
  • Sync is a two-way sync

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Make sure the timezone on your laptop or device is the same as the timezone specified in your calendar as is the same as specified in your Account Settings (accessible from "My Account").
Here's a useful link for Google – Timezone Setting

Timezone setting in IQTell is under Account Settings (accessible from "My Account")

  • Visualize your Tasks (Actions), Projects, etc.
  • You can add any IQTell item to be seen as a Calendar Event, e.g., an Email, an Action, a Project, an Evernote Note. Plus, add a reminder to any of this events so you get the alert when needed to ensure you miss nothing!

    tip Add dates & times for your work actions on your shared Work calendar, and important family events on your shared Family calendar.

    Date-dependent Events

    As an example, using IQTell you can set up a reminder on a Project based on its Due Date. Later, when you change the Due date of that PRoject, the date and time of the corresponding Calendar Event will change accordingly and automatically.

    Sync with your Smartphone

    If your calendars are synced to your smartphone, all your IQTELL calendar events will seamlessly sync to your smartphone as well.