IQTELL EZ Bar Chrome Extension

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Using the EZ Bar Chrome Extension, you can:

  • Create - Inbox, Actions (and Next Actions), Projects, Ticklers, Someday Items and more for later reviewing and processing. Don't interrupt your workflow, just open the EZ Bar and enter items as needed.
  • Manage - Pop-out the EZ Bar in a separate window and manage your Next Actions throughout the day.
    • Set a default folder to speed up your workflow.
    • Set an Action as a Next Action using the star
        Shortcut: (badge: Ctrl+S) or (badge: Cmd+S) on Mac.
  • Offline - Get things done online or offline. Your saved items and pages will be automatically synced.
  • Set Context - when creating Actions, choose from any of your Contexts.
  • Next Actions Badge - See how many Next Actions are on your list at a glance. You can also hide the badge if you prefer.
  • Clip Pages - Right-click on any page (or use the shortcut) to save it for later. See how to choose your Clipping folder.
  • Shortcuts - Configure your own Shortcuts
    Action Windows Mac
    Activate the EZ Bar (badge: Ctrl+Shift+E) (badge: ⌘+Shift+E)
    Switch to IQTELL (badge: Ctrl+Shift+I) (badge: ⌘+Shift+I)
    Clip page (badge: Ctrl+Shift+O) (badge: ⌘+Shift+O)
  • Settings - Customize the EZ Bar to work for you.
  • Up to Date - Best of all, the EZ Bar is automatically updated so you get the latest and greatest features.

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