Sorting and Grouping

  • Viewing Actions, Projects, etc. in "List View" - you can sort such view by any field.
  • To do so, simply simply click once on the corresponding column header.

  • Expanded - Collapsed View of "Grouped by" (click here to be redirected)

    Sorting: Following is an example sorting by Due Date in in "Next Actions":

    grouping: A practical example would be to group Actions by Project so that when viewing Actions in List View, to have all the Actions be grouped by the "Project" column. In which case, sorting, as shown above, can be Due Date, so that within every Project all its Actions are shown sorted by Due Date.


Tip: A good practice is to sort by Date Updated. This way you can easily see all the newly created items and the recently modified items at the top.

Expanded - Collapsed View of "Grouped by"

Collapsing and Expanding all groups (using the the following example of Actions grouped by Context -- Collapsed View
Use the keyboard shortcut "-" to collapse.
Expand a single Group
Expand all Groups
Again, use the same keyboard shortcut "-" to expand all

Note that grouping is currently not available from Next Actions. However, you can manage Next Actions through a filter of that name while viewing "Actions" in List View. See also Useful Saved Searches, please click here

Tutorial video: Please check out our video on Grouping (aka "Double Sorting"):
Sorting and Grouping

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