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One of the most robust features of IQTELL is the ability to link items to existing entries.

For example, if you'd like to link an Action to an existing Project, or an email to an Action or Project.

If you are in the List View (LV) of Actions, there are several ways to link an Action to a project. The benefit of Link to Existing in LV is multiple entries can be linked at once by first selecting a group of actions.

  1. Right Click Menu
    1. Right-click on one or more selected Actions, select Link to Existing in... > Browse...
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    3. Select Projects from the Link to Existing destination selection menu.
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    5. Your most used link destinations will be remembered and shown as options in the Link to existing in... menu.
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    7. Then, select the Project you wish to link your Action to.
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    9. Tip - While choosing the Project you wish to link to, you have the option to open the Destination, in this case the Project you just linked your Action to. This is useful if you have to update the information in your Project based on the recently linked Action. Click the down arrow on the OK button to use this option.
    10. 2013-03-05-16-28-10-selection-005
  2. "More" menu option
    1. Link to Existing can also be done by clicking the "More" button from List View, and selecting "Link to Existing". 2013-03-05-16-32-45-selection-001
  3. Keyboard Shortcuts
    1. The Link to Existing menu can be opened with the Keyboard shortcut "L".
    2. You can open the Link to Existing Project menu with the Keyboard Shortcut "++P".
      Click here for more Keyboard Shortcuts, including shortcuts of Link to Existing other folders.
Modify View Link to Existing is also available from the Modify View (MV) of any action. 2013-03-05-17-23-55-selection-001

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