IQTell - Unique Advantages (is IQTell indeed for you?)

You may ask yourself "What does IQTell offer that other Productivity solutions do not?"
You may further question "Why should I invest my time to learn IQTell?"
"It seems so powerful, but why bother?"

These indeed are valid questions.
Take a minute to review what your needs are and whether IQTell is indeed for you.
That's fair!

Ask yourself:

  1. Do I get tons of email?
  2. Do I wish I can easily process my Inbox and convert email into Actions (Tasks) where action is needed?
  3. Would having my email, actions, projects, calendars, contacts and notes – all in one place, help me be more productive?

Simply, ask yourself “Can I be more productive having all of the above in one place?
If so. IQTell is for you!

As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in one day.”
Same goes for getting up to speed with IQTell.
But, most importantly, start simple.

E.g., start using IQTell by processing your Inbox. Turn email into new Actions, Projects; link email to existing Actions or to existing Projects and most importantly, in doing so achieve Inbox Zero (obviously, all other email that requires no action, you’ll be deleting archiving or filing away.)

IQTell – Unique Advantages

  1. Cross platform productivity solution: Web app, Android and iOS apps.
  2. Comprehensive Task and Project management with embedded powerful email client.
  3. Integration with Calendars and Contacts.
  4. All your email accounts and calendars in one place!
  5. Using IQTell eliminates the need for multiple solutions.
  6. Everything linked together and accessible via a single click, e.g., a Project with all its Actions, email correspondence, notes and relevant contacts.
  7. Are you an Evernote user? IQTell offers the most complete integration with Evernote (IQTell has been endorsed by Evernote and is listed on their (IQTell has been endorsed by Evernote and is listed on their App Center)

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