EZ Bar

Use the web app EZ Bar to quickly create new actions, projects, etc. without interrupting your workflow. Right inside the EZ Bar, type in the Short Description of the item to be created, then press Enter to create it. The soft text inside the EZ Bar indicates what item is about to be created, but you can easily change it by selecting a different item from the dropdown menu.

The EZ Bar also supports built-in "instructions" to automatically set Next Action, Priority, Context and more. The EZ Bar also supports Natural date parsing for setting dates, e.g., Due Date. See below.


You can create items in your Inbox, Actions, Projects, Tickler, and Someday folders.
Note If you hide any of these folders from the Left Navigation Panel, they will also be hidden from the EZ Bar.

Here are some EZ shortcuts, i.e., built-in "instructions" for assigning values to newly created items.
Also see natural date parsing further below

Use * in the first position to set a newly created Action as a Next (starred) Action
#c for Context
#p for Priority
#t for Time Needed

"#cHome buy bulbs #pHigh"
Will result in a new Action "Buy bulbs", Context = "Home" and Priority = "3 - High"
The order for these instructions is irrelevant, unlike the '*' that needs to be in the first position. Thus, for the above, the same result would be achieved by entering:
"#cHome #pHigh buy bulbs"

"* Birthday party shopping"
This will create a Next Action "Birthday party"

Natural date parsing
The web app EZ Bar also supports natural date parsing.
For instance, you can type in "Call Joe tomorrow at 11:30" and the item created, e.g., an Action will be set with a Due Date of tomorrow' date at 11:30".
Another example "Call Mary in two weeks at 4:00 pm"
The entire syntax used by the natural date parsing can be found under the "supported formats" topic at the following URL: Natty - natural date parsing. Our thanks to Natty!

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