Next Actions

For any project (anything that takes more than 1 action), you need to ask yourself, What is the very next action necessary to move this project forward?.

Once you've determined the next steps in a project, you can have them appear on your Dashboard's Next Actions widget simply by starring them, star-new-enabled.

From the Next Actions widget, you can create create new Next Actions directly dash_plus, delete actions trash, and even print your Next Actions for easy access while on the go.

Watch List

The Watch List is great for getting an overview of what's on your plate at any given moment.

To modify the Saved Searches that appear on the Watch List, click on the More icon and select Configure.
Then, drag & drop the desired searches between the Available and Selected columns. Save your changes when finished.

Upcoming Events

The Upcoming Events widget displays the events from your synced calendars. You can click on any event to view or modify details. Click the dash_calendar to open the calendar.


To choose which calendars will show on the Upcoming Events widget, click on the More icon and select Configure.

Then, select which calendars you'd like the widget to show events for: