Form Editor

The Form Editor is used to create and edit the data entry form for an application. The form must have at least one Section (added at the top of the Form Editor) and one Field (added from the left-hand panel of the Form Editor). You can add as many fields as needed.

Open the Form Editor

To open the Form Editor, right-click on a folder in the left navigation panel, select Folder Configuration, and click on Form Editor.


You will then see the Form Editor open, and you can modify the form as needed.


Adding Fields

To add a field:

  • Just click to expand a given section.


  • Drag an existing field, or select <New>.


  • Then, drop the field anywhere on the form.


  • You can then name the field to suit your needs.


Removing Fields

To remove a field from the form, just click on the  dash-minus.
Remember to save the form when you are done with modifications.

Note that there cannot be any data stored in that field. If there is any data, you will not be able to remove the field and will see the prompt below.



Sections can be used to separate different types on information in an entry. Sections can be collapsed & expanded to show or hide their content by clicking on the   dash-arrow-close-up    or   dash-arrow.

To add a Section, click on the Add Section button.


Then, you can set a name for the section.


To rename an existing section, just double-click on the Section title.



Tabs can be used to further separate different types on information in an entry.
Each tab must have at least one Section.

To create a Tab, click on the Add Tab button.


And then set a name for the Tab.


To remove a Tab, just click on the close-tab-x-up that appears when hovering over the tab.


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