Folder-Level Reminders

If all entries in a folder need reminders based on the same type of deadline, such as due date, create a Folder-level Reminder rather than a reminder for each individual entry.

A Folder-level Reminder works so that whenever a new entry is created in a given folder, and a value entered for the specified Date field, the system will automatically create a specific reminder for the entry. A reminder will also be created if a value is entered at a later stage even if it was initially blank.

To create a Folder-level Reminder, right-click a folder, select Reminders, and then click New Folder Reminder. Existing Folder Reminders will return a list of all active Folder-level Reminders while Pending Object Reminders will return a list for all Folder-level Reminders as well as individual Folder Entry Reminders.


The Subject will appear as the first line of the reminder when it is sent out.

Event Name generates its selection menu options from any fields in your folder with time attributes. It then uses what you select to send out a reminder based on the time entered in a given folder entry.

Both Notify and Notify Again Every are optional fields. If Notify is left blank, the reminder will be sent out at the time specified by Event Name for the folder entry.

Here we have created a Folder-level Reminder for birthdays based on the Birthday field in our Contacts folder.


If you select Text Message from Notify Using but have not already entered your mobile number and carrier, you'll be prompted to do so.


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