IQTELL Advanced


The power of IQTELL lies in the customizability available through extensive configuration options.

  • Form Editor
  • Folder Configuration
    • Column Headings - choose which columns should be shown in a list view.
    • Entry Title - Title of a given entry in a folder.
    • Search Fields - Which fields should be searched.
    • Copy Fields Next - Which fields to be copied when creating a follow-up item, or when using recurring tasks.
    • Copy Fields Other - Which fields to be copied when creating a new entry based off an existing entry.
    • Move Entries - Designate how fields should be mapped when moving entries between folders.
    • Initial Values - Set default values to be used when first creating an entry.
    • Folder Panels - Used to display information related to a parent entry (such as a Project) within the full view of the parent entry.
    • Advanced - Additional settings for the application.
    • Workflow - Choose which statuses are available, and which define the initial, closed, and completed stages.
    • Activity Types - Choose which activities are available when posting a new activity for a to-do item.
  • Folder-Level Reminders